Membership - How to Join Hunting Hills 

Join us for the 2018 season!  If you have a sponsor and are ready to join, you can begin the application process at this link.  If you have questions about becoming a Full Member or a Trial Member of Hunting Hills, please contact Christie Kearney via this email form.

Hunting Hills requires purchase of a one-time $500 Bond* in order to become a member. Applicants must also pay a non-refundable $50 Application Fee. We require that you have a sponsor (a current member) listed on your application.  If no sponsor can be listed, then after your one-year Trial member (see below) we reserve the right to revoke your ability to become a fully bonded member.  Also note that this membership applies to a household or address.  Everyone in your family unit coming under the purchased bond must show proof of address as shown on the application and/or bond.

We offer three membership levels to choose from for your household's size: 

 Level   Dues
  Family    $575
  Couple (2 person household)    $525
  Single    $425


Become a Trial Member!  To ease the financial burden of the bond payment in the initial year, Hunting Hills offers a Trial Membership that allows for the bond to paid over two years time, along with a discount for the first year dues.  See below for details: 

Trial Membership, First Year 

 Application fee  $50
 Bond down payment  $100
 Annual dues
 Total:   $575


Trial Membership, Second Year **

 Remainder of Bond  $400
 Annual dues (depending upon level)  $425, $525, or $575


 * Be sure to read our Bylaws, particularly Article VIII, Section 3 regarding bonds and bond refunds. 

 ** Because the second year's payment is in the $800 to $975 range, to ease the burden of the single payment, we have monthly payment plans available for the second year.  

Please contact our Membership Coordinator, Christie Kearney, if you have any questions about the application process or simply want to learn more about Hunting Hills.